Kudos Spa Soap 40g Choose 50’s or 100’s

Kudos Spa Soap Pleat Wrapped

40g 50's or 100's

Nourishing soap to gently cleanse the skin

Hydrates the skin
Fragrances of Green Tea blended with notes of Bergamot, Lemon, Freesia, Jasmine and Sandalwood.


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The Kudos Spa Cleansing Soap gently cleanses the skin and is vegetable based to retain the skins moisture. Key ingredients of Cucumber and White tea carry anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants to ensure the skin is protected and hydrated, leaving the skin soft and toned.

Provides a fragrance and freshness which is long lasting, a soothing fragrant combination of Green tea base blended with notes of lemon, jasmine, freesia, bergamot and sandlewood.

Kudos spa 40gm cleansing soap is biodegradable and contains nourishing extracts and essential oils including cucumber extract and white tea. These promote soft healthy skin and hair while your senses will be uplifted for a truly cleansing experience.

Cucumber is used for its anti-inflammatory properties and tones, softens and hydrates skin.
White tea with twice the antioxidants as green tea repairs and protects skin from free-radical damage.
Vegetable-based soap to retain skins moisture

Create the ultimate urban ambiance with Kudos Spa. Designed for the stylish contemporary in room experience, this refreshing collection has been created using the finest ingredients.