Kudos Spa Mixed Nourishing Shampoo 50 x 15ml & Conditioner 50 x 15ml

Kudos Spa Nourishing Shampoo 15ml & Conditioner 15ml

Easily identify product.

Softens and hydrates skin & hair

Nourishing extracts and essential oils
Contains nourishing extracts and essential oils that offers a soothing fragrance.


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Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner to gently cleanse and nourish the hair.
Presented in bold 15ml Metallic Tube

A soothing fragrant combination of Green tea base blended with notes of lemon, jasmine, freesia, bergamot and sandlewood.

Contains nourishing extracts and essential oils including cucumber extract and white tea to promote soft healthy skin and hair.

Cucumber used for its anti-inflammatory properties and tones, softens and hydrates skin
White tea with twice the antioxidants as green tea repairs and protects skin from free-radical damage.
Fresh fragrance combination of Bergamot and Green Tea appealing to both male and female users
Paraben free to minimize skin irritations
ERP – Environmentally Responsible Packaging (Biodegradable packaging)
Cruelty Free

Create the ultimate urban ambiance with Kudos Spa. Designed for the stylish contemporary in room experience with bold metallic colours to easily identify products.