80% Alcohol

Fragrance free

Kills 99% of germs

No washing or rinsing required
Instant hand sanitiser gel


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Hand Sanitiser 500ml is a convenient way to clean hands. It’s 80% alcohol is to kill and decrease bacteria and germs on the skin. It Kills 99% of germs and is fragrance free, so much better than perfumed sanitiser which can linger all day.

There is no washing or rinsing required … just rub hands until dry no water required. All you do is simply push down on the easy to use pump nozzle to apply a palm full and rub hands together covering all surfaces of your hands until dry.

Hand sanitiser of 80% alcohol is available in the 2 sizes 300ml and 500ml. Health Fully has provided a small article on hand sanitiser.

Disinfectant wipes are also available from BnB Products.