280 nescafe coffee sticks

500 raw sugar sticks

A signature blended coffee from Arabica coffee beans

Bundaberg distinctive flavoured sugar
Nescafe coffee pc sticks Blend 43 280 x 1.7gm and raw sugar PC sticks 500 x 3gm Bundaberg.


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280 Coffee PC Nescafe Blend 43 & 500 Bundaberg Raw Sugar sticks

PC Nescafe Blend 43  Roasted and blended from 100% natural coffee beans.
A signature blend of high quality Arabica coffee beans and full-bodied Robusta coffee beans to deliver a consistently bold and well-rounded flavour that also gives a rich aroma you can always rely on.

Along with Bundaberg raw sugar. The natural molasses content remaining in the crystal provides Bundaberg Raw Sugar with a distinctive flavour which is especially suited to coffee.