Eco Fresh Hand & Body Wash

50 x 30ml

Fruity Flora

Beautiful Experience
Gives your guests a beautiful experience by refreshing them with the fragrances of citrus and fruity flora.


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Refreshing hand and body wash to cleanse the skin and is paraben free to minimize skin irritations.

Eco Fresh Hand & Body Wash 50 x 30ml

Purchasing Eco Fresh Hand & Body Wash 30ml means you will have your guest feeling refreshed, revived and cleansed.

Eco Fresh is a comprehensive range of soaps, liquids and accessories. A quality vegetable based hotel amenity that represents simplicity of the finest ingredients, it’s a simple design that’s clean and white to promote the look of freshness. Comes in many different sizes and as a result it provides you with the option to select the right packaging and product size to suit your individual property.

This refreshing hand & body wash offers a citrus fragrant sensation, infused with the essence of lemon, lime, pineapple and orange blossom. It creates a sensory indulgence for all guest and a fragrance that has a unisex appeal. It soothes and energises because it’s free of mineral oil to retain skin moisture and as a result it leaves guests feeling pampered and refreshed.

Above all it’s designed to meet all your guest personal needs.

Made from ERP which means an enzyme has been added to the plastic bottles, tubes, caps and sachets to biodegrade in landfill, meaning this range is playing its part caring for the environment. The ERP products currently meet recycling standards and has undergone testing that meets global standard ASTM D 5511. In addition you can read more about the additive in the range at It’s part of responsible product development.

In conclusion Eco Fresh Hand & Body Wash 30ml is an affordable, refreshing and environmentally sensitive hotel guest product.

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