Wholesale Towels Australia

Wholesale Towels Australia & Victoria

When you think of towels you think of your simple bathroom towel. You don’t tend to give it much thought but when you’re running accommodation towelling can make a huge difference and instead of going to major retailers where you are likely to pay a premium, you should consider buying wholesale towels in Australia. The last thing your guests want is to dry themselves off on a towel that doesn’t feel good against their skin, but just like coffee and tea, everyone has their preference and a preferred fabric they prefer. Some people will quickly dry off after a shower or bath, whilst others will sit in their towel for a while until they are completely dry, so you need to ensure you have the right towels to suits your guests.

If you’re looking for wholesale towels in Australia then you need to consider the best brand to suit your needs.

Alliance Towels offer simple, clean, crisp white towels that will stand the test of time. They offer a neutrality that is timeless and that will appeal to absolutely everyone. They will also suit the decor of most accommodation types. Alliance Towels offer affordable towels so you can invest in a large quantity and then you will never need to worry about running out of towels. They also have a range of face towels so your guests can maintain a clean and refreshed face. So that your bathrooms are kept clean and tidy as well, their selection of bath mats is perfect for the job.

Another brand that we stock is Prince Towels. We stock their bath towels, bath mats, face washers and hand towels. These towels are made out of Terry towelling and dyed with dye that won’t run when put through the washing machine so they will retain their colour for a long time. These towels are high quality and extremely affordable.

As a leading wholesale towel seller in Australia we also sell large spa towels and can offer these in a variety of colours including red, white, black, brown and grey. Our range of large spa towels are made from pure cotton Terry fabric and are designed with maximum absorbency. They can be used commercially, for spas, massage or other purposes.

If you run a hotel that has a pool then you need to offer your guests pool towels. Our range of pool towels offer fun Summery designs that in a variety of different colours so your guests will truly feel like they’re on holiday due to the atmosphere you’ve created with your towels. We sell these these wholesale towels all over Australia and they have been stocked with the Australian holiday traveller in mind.

As a full wholesale towel supplier in Australia we do not just offer wholesale towels, we can also offer you tea towels to make cleaning up and drying dishes an enjoyable experience. We have two main products – a budget version for those who want to get more bang for their buck and a more premium version for those who want to offer their guests high quality. Our tea towel range is classic and timeless so you can buy just a few or stock up at affordable prices.