Hotel Towels

Hotel Towels

When you’re choosing a hotel to stay at you’ll generally look for the location and the facilities that the hotel has, for example does it have a pool or a gym? Is there a restaurant or a bar attached? You don’t generally think about the hotel towels but when it comes to the things that you’ll think about after your stay it’s the little things. The little things like whether or not the batteries in the TV remote worked, if there was WIFi and getting back to basics you will look at the types of towels the hotel supplied.

If the hotel is at the high end of the market then you’re going to expect nicer towels than if you were staying at a hotel at the lower end of the market. In fact, if you’re staying at a hotel at the low end of the market then you may not even expect hotel towels in your room.

But let’s imagine the hotel does supply towels, the quality of those hotel towels will vary considerably depending on how they were manufactured and so if you’re a hotel owner you may not know what towels are best for your specific requirements.

Did you know that not all towels are actually the same. You can get microfibre towels that have a softer feel than Terry towelling fabric. Microfibre towels are soft and highly absorbent. They are ideal for drying yourself off after a session at the gym. They’re available in a variety of different colours or prints and extremely affordable so if you want to replace your towels every couple of months or ensure your towels remain fresh for your guests for longer then you should consider microfibre towels for your hotel.

If however you’re running a high end hotel then you will probably be more inclined towards classic towels. Classic towels are often made from Terry towelling fabric and offer maximum absorbency which is ideal for guests who expect high quality amenities. Towels at the higher end of the market can also come with matching bath robes or hand towels and face cloths so you will be able to offer your guests matching sets. When they come to review your hotel that will not go un-noticed and they will be likely to mention that to their friends and family members when they talk to them about how their stay was.

People love to go on holiday in the Summer and they typically choose warmer destinations for their holiday. People love to spend time at the beach or relaxing by the lake or river. Some people like to sunbathe while others are more adventurous and like to get out on the boat. Whatever leisure activity your guests prefer they will need to dry themselves off afterwards. We offer a huge selection of printed towels which are great for the beach and will brighten up your day. If you’re travelling with kids then these are the ideal pick and they will look forward to using their towel which means when your guests return to your hotel they are unlikely to bring back half the beach with them which will save you time cleaning.

Whatever your budget is and whatever types of guests you attract to your hotel, we have a huge range of towels that will keep your guests happy for the duration of their stay with you. If you want a towel in a certain colour that isn’t listed on our website then give us a call or send us an email and we’ll see if we can get it in for you.