Hotel Amenities

Hotel Amenities For BNB’s & AirBNB’s

One of the biggest aspects that contributes to the price that your hotel can charge your guests is the quality of the amenities that you have and hotels with greater amenities can naturally charge more than those with limited amenities.

You need to decide what part of the market you want to sit in. Do you want to be at the upper end of the market or are you targeting your service towards those who are conscious of their budget? That decision will determine what hotel amenities you need and where you will purchase them.

It goes without saying that the most important, and the most common hotel amenities that are found are toiletries. Your guests want to be refreshed when travelling so supplying them with toiletries is sure to get their seal of approval. Toiletries includes shampoo, conditioner and body lotion but in some cases guests will pay extra if you adorn the rooms with razors, combs, hair brushes and shaving cream for both the men and the women. It means that they can just spend their time in the hotel relaxing without having to worry about finding a local store that sells travel sized toiletries. If guests are in an unfamiliar area then they may go to the nearest store which may not even stock the product that they want and that just creates headaches. Other guests who like to maintain their appearance will expect hotel amenities like a hair dryer. We can help you out with any hotel amenity that assists your guests in remaining clean and fresh.

That includes bathroom wear like bath mats, bath towels, bath robes and slippers. It’s one thing to supply the basics but guests appreciate when you supply them with the extra stuff, especially when they don’t expect it. It’s the best feeling to dry yourself off with a soft towel and then relax in a bathrobe. A good pillow can also help your guests relax and we have a huge selection of pillows that will satisfy even the fussiest of your guests.

But once your guests are finished with relaxing they’ll want to be energised and ready for the day.  If your service is targeted towards the lower end of the market then packet tea and coffee is sufficient but most people have coffee machines at home and they expect the same when they go travelling. We can recommend and supply the best coffee machines and the best coffee pods, or tea for the tea drinkers.

Whatever hotel amenities you need, whether it’s traditional bedding or tea and coffee right through to power banks, we’ve got you covered and are leaders in the industry with suppliers all around the world so your desired product will always be in stock somewhere.

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