Boutique Hotel Supplies

Boutique Hotel Supplies

If you’re running a boutique hotel then your guests will expect you to have boutique hotel supplies so you need to ensure that you’ve got all the supplies that they want. Customers who stay at boutique hotels expect more than those who are on a budget. Aside from more privacy and desirable views, they expect the little things that will make their trip memorable. You can give them an unforgettable experience by offering boutique hotel supplies. But what types of supplies do guests want?

If your guests have chosen to stay with you then they want more than just a bed to sleep in at night. They want to know that at the end of the day when they’ve finished seeing the town, city or local area that they can hop into a nice refreshing shower and clean themselves. We can supply you with soaps that will appeal to even the fussiest gets. We offer a huge selection of soaps with different scents that will appeal to different tastes. Providing the soap isn’t all we do. We also supply soap dispensers whether it’s a nice soap dish or a liquid soap dispenser, you can be sure that we’ve got the product to suit your needs. If you don’t know what scent to go with then why not try different scents and see which ones your guests prefer? Shampoo, conditioner and shaving cream is important too and we’ve got you sorted out there as well. We can offer you little bottles or sachets if you would prefer and then your guests can use the amount that they desire.

While the quality of the towels is less important for guests who are staying at a budget hotel, they’re very important for guests who have opted to stay at a boutique hotel. As a leader in boutique hotel supplies we offer a huge range of towels that are made out of high quality fabric and are soft. If you want to order a set then we can also offer the towels with matching bath mates and dressing gowns. It will add an extra touch of class for your guests.

On the subject of bathroom amenities, as a leading supplier of boutique hotel supplies we have the ability to supply you with hairdryers, shavers and hair straighteners so that your guests can start the day looking and feeling fabulous. For the ultimate presentation we also supply irons to give them the option to iron their clothes so that their appearance is flawless.

Some guests like to cook or make tea and coffee in their own room/apartment and while it’s imperative that you offer a range of teas and coffees, we can supply you with the extra touches in addition to the basics. Your guests will find cleaning up much easier when you furnish your rooms with tea towels so that they can dry their dishes and put them back in the cupboards. It will also save your staff time when cleaning the room after the guests have left. Depending on whether your hotel has dishwashers or sinks, we can supply dish liquid sachets or tablets for dishwashers so that your guests can choose how to wash their dishes.

These are just some of the boutique hotel supplies we offer. If you’d like to place an order get in touch with us.

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