We have four different categories, the first is satin stripe sheets, used as a 3rd top sheet to decorate and compliment your guest rooms.
Our second category is protectors which are a great investment to protect your bedding and give your pillows a longer life.
The third category is satin stripe quilt /doona covers, here you will find beautiful white satin stripe covers that will compliment your rooms and make your guest feel cosy and comfortable. The last category covers a range of quality flat and fitted sheets.

Bedding covers a wide range of products and is one of the main considerations of guests when they book an accommodation property. It’s important to choose bedding products that provide the highest comfort level and are long lasting.

Commercial grade should be the minimum standard you consider when choosing to buy for your property. The quality means your sheets are durable and resilient to endure industrial laundering wear and tear whilst providing guest with comfort.

Actil high quality 100% cotton sheets and 50/50 polycotton sheets and commercial quality blankets and quilts are all perfect for commercial accommodation.

We haven’t forgotten about protecting your investments, so you will find mattress & pillow protectors along with pillows and quilt protectors for you to purchase.

Decorative satin stripe sheets and doona covers, bed runners and cushions help to provide ambience & comfort to any room.

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