Bed and Breakfast Supplies

Bed and Breakfast Supplies

A bed and breakfast is a cross between Air BNB and a hotel. When guests stay at a bed and breakfast they expect more personalised service than they would expect in a hotel, motel, backpackers or other budget accommodation. It’s the little things that make a difference in a bed and breakfast and so you need to make sure that your home is well equipped with the right bed and breakfast supplies so that even the fussiest guests will be pleased and find your bed and breakfast faultless. When they’re satisfied they’ll not only be more inclined to stay at your bed and breakfast again, they are also likely to recommend you to their friends and family alike.

So what bed and breakfast supplies should you be purchasing and what bed and breakfast supplies do your guests expect? For starters, if they arrive late in the day then they’re going to want to hop into bed after unpacking, so you need to make sure you have quality coat hangers. There are so many coat hanger varieties available from the more simple wooden or metal coat hangers to those that have been designed with longevity in mind – these are often made out of fabric. We can supply you with all types of coat hangers and then once your guests have hung their clothes up they’ll be free to hop into bed. In addition to providing bed and breakfasts with a huge assortment of blankets that are made from a raft of different materials including wool, polar fleece and velvet, we can offer you underlays to give your guests extra warmth and comfort.

While some people prefer to use heaters, it is more cost efficient if you use an electric blanket and we can supply you with electric blankets to keep your guests warm. If your bed and breakfast is in an older building then you may not have air conditioning and so we can also supply you with fans to keep your guests cool.

These days with a stronger emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness we recognise that your guests want to be clean and so we also stock different hand sanitisers so that when they arrive they can clean their hands. When they’ve checked out of your bed and breakfast they may have unknowingly left a stain and so you need to prepare your bed and breakfast for your next guests so we also supply you with cleaning products such as urine and stain remover to give your bedding, cushions and seating a freshness that your next set of guests will appreciate. We also have disposable face masks so that when you do clean your bed and breakfast you can maintain your own personal health and hygiene.

One big reason why people choose to stay at bed and breakfasts is that the service differs from that offered in hotels or other accommodation. Bed and breakfasts are known for their finishing touches such as supplying every room with a few biscuits, chocolate or nuts. We can supply you with these as well as tea and coffee sachets and condiment holders.

It’s the little things that make a difference when staying at a bed and breakfast and at Bed and Breakfast Supplies we have everything that your guests can possibly want.

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