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If you’re offering your room for rent on Airbnb then you will have a different set of needs to other Airbnb providers. If you’re new to the accommodation industry then you’ll need to set yourself up properly whether you plan to just do it occasionally or regularly as a way to make some extra cash. If you do want to offer accommodation on Airbnb regularly then you’ll need to make sure that you are stocked up with the best Airbnb supplies.

As with hotels, motels, backpackers and bed and breakfasts, there are different categories of service based on the price you’re willing to pay. Typically when people choose Airbnb they do so because of pricing and privacy. If people are travelling in a group then Airbnb often works out to be cheaper for them. Due to charging a lower rate some providers may choose to offer a low level service that just covers the basics but if you’re serious about being a host then you need to invest in the right Airbnb supplies. The right supplies are the ones that customers expect and the ones that will add to their experience.

These include looking at your bathroom. Although after your guests leave you will be the one doing the cleaning up, it never hurts to create a pleasant experience. You can do this by stocking your bathroom with bath mats. It will also protect your floor if your guests get the floor wet when they’re having a bath or shower. Being able to dry off their hands after washing them is just as important and so you need to invest in Airbnb supplies such as hand towels and body towels. If you’ve got guests regularly coming and going then you will need to wash and replace the towels at regular intervals to ensure that they maintain their freshness.

Shampoo, conditioner and soap are important to guests as well but rather than guests using shampoo that comes from a full bottle, to avoid wastage you should think about getting travel sized shampoo and conditioner that you can change whenever guests depart. We have a huge assortment of travel size shampoos and conditioners that will appeal to your guests. Body wash is just as important so you should keep a supply of body wash.

Airbnb Supplies knows that although travelers check things before they leave, sometimes they will still forget things they need like their toothpaste or toothbrush so we can supply you with these items as well so your guests will be happy. We also have other bathroom accessories such as body lotion, razors, hairdryers and rubbish bins.

The bedroom is fairly important as well and even if your guests do not spend a lot of time in the bedroom it should still be well stocked with good pillows, quality bedding, tissues and a safe so that your guests can store their valuables. AIRBNB Supplies provide all of these items.

We also supply amenities for the kitchen such as tea and coffee, sugar and ice trays. Although these items are not essential, they add a nice touch when your guests are staying whether it’s for just a night or a couple of weeks. We can supply you with sachets of a variety of different brands and flavours so your guests can choose the flavour that best appeals to them.

Airbnb Supplies all the amenities you can think of that a guest could possibly want when they’re staying at an Airbnb. It’s up to you if you want to supply additional items like alcohol or chocolates. If you do then we’ve got you covered.

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