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Running a bed and breakfast takes a lot of work. There’s everything to think about and the most important thing is ensuring that your guests are happy and well catered for. Of course, every guest has their own expectations and some are harder to please than others to it’s important that you have the right bed and breakfast, or if you prefer, bnb supplies. The right supplies will ensure that your customers return to your bed and breakfast over and over again. You might be wondering what types of supplies you need. The list is comprehensive so we’ve covered off a few of the things that you may need to buy for your guests. If we haven’t listed them in this article then send us an email and we’ll see what we can arrange for you. Just as you enjoy having guests to stay, we enjoy helping those who run bed and breakfasts by supplying them with the best bnb supplies.

Most guests expect a clean and comfortable bed when they stay at a bed and breakfast or hotel. That comfort is of course different for everyone, with some people liking a lot of sheets and blankets whereas others would be happy with just one or two blankets. Although not common, some of your guests may have allergies and be allergic to certain materials so you need to consider this when deciding what material your blankets will be made out of. You should consider wool, flannelette, polar fleece or just a simple Doona filled with feathers and down. Whatever type of material you would like for your blankets we can assist you with a variety of sizes – single, king single, double, queen and king. Just have a look around our website. If you’re ordering in bulk then we may be able to offer you a special discount so ask us and we’ll see what we can do.

It’s not just comfort that your guests are concerned with when they choose a hotel or bed and breakfast. They also want to be entertained and have something to do when they’re in the hotel room, so each room needs to have a modern television. If the hotel is really upmarket then you might want to consider a stereo as well so that your guests can listen to music or the radio. We offer a variety of different TVs and radios that will suit all your guests needs.

Does your hotel have a gym or a pool? If it does then you’l need to supply yoga mats, towels and the gym should also include scales so that your guests can monitor their fitness progress. Even if guests are only staying one or two nights they may still want to maintain their fitness and exercise. If they don’t though they will undoubtedly want to shower or have a bath during their stay with you and that means you’ll need to equip each room with bath towels, bath mats and face cloths. You’ll also need to offer soaps and cleaning products such as body wash and shampoo and conditioner.  We have a selection of bathroom products in various sizes, absorbencies and flavours so that your guests can choose something that they like.

If you haven’t found the item you want on our list then get in touch with us and we will see what we can do.